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Have you ever left the doctor's office feeling uneasy even after being told that your lab results are okay? Are you having a hard time losing weight? Have you ever wondered why others eat more than you and lose weight, but you can't?

Understanding your body and how it works is important and unique to you. The endocrine system plays a significant role in your overall health. It is one of the body's primary systems that controls and coordinates the body's work. Hormones serve many different functions. When too many or too few hormones are released, this can cause irregularities in the body called hormone imbalance that prohibit the body from working normally. Hormones are like traffic signals, when they are not working properly, an accident can happen.

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As endocrinologists, we specialize in how hormones affect the body's many functions.

Many of our patients live with diabetes, both type 1 and 2, and we use various treatments which suit their lifestyles. We will use insulin when needed, but if possible, we will take patients off insulin if their condition can be controlled with oral medicine and life style modification. We incorporate the latest technology in our management, such as continuous glucose monitoring devices and all kinds of insulin pumps as needed.

We also see patients with hormonal imbalance which may cause thyroid disease, adrenal gland problems, menopause, impotence, sexual dysfunction, polycystic ovarian syndrome, excessive hair growth, and hair loss. Some of our patients also have metabolic disorder, which can result in obesity and unexplained weight gain or fatigue.

We carefully listen to our patients so we fully understand their problem, then we confirm the diagnosis by ordering appropriate lab tests.


Dr. Maha Abboud, MD Clinical Assistant Professor/Loyola University
Dr. Terri Washington, MD

We provide comprehensive diabetes care in addition to a wide variety of endocrine problems, from obesity to bone health and infertility.

At E-Hormone we listen, investigate, and then find an answer to your problem. We connect the dots. We work with our patients to help them feel good and achieve hormonal balance. We recognize that every patient and every case is unique. We try to find the missing piece of the puzzle.